X-Spirit 3 MM93 Black Concept 2.0 TC-1

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Product information "X-Spirit 3 MM93 Black Concept 2.0 TC-1"

X-Spirit III

Professional racing helmet

At over 250 km/h, the helmet becomes a decisive factor in the aerodynamic system of the driver and machine, with which the important tenths of a second can be obtained.

With its outstanding aerodynamics and optimally adjustable seat, the X-SPIRIT III ensures the lowest possible drag and maximum relief for the driver's neck muscles.

Its highly efficient ventilation provides the driver with sufficient oxygen and cooling air even at the highest sporting load.



• Helmet shell made of AIM+ - "Organic Fibre" , "Multifiber" and "High Performance Organic Fiber" in different layers for a shock-absorbing shell with optimal stiffness

• Multi-part, modular styrofoam core system - protection optimization through styrofoam core elements with different degrees of damping

• Anti-seizure CWR-F Pinlock visor – Quick and easy to change, tear foil button and pinlock holder are combined in one system and can both be rotated counterclockwise to clamp both the pinlock disc and the tear inge-film. Thanks to the new double visor closure, an unintentional opening can be ruled out

• Thanks to Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self Adjusting) technology, the visor is always perfectly attached to the seal

• Double D closure - Easy to use, always perfectly adjusted

• Safety System - E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) simplifies helmet removal in an emergency.



• 4 different-sized helmet outer shells – For optimal fit and most compact size, shell sizes: 1) XS-S, 2)M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL

• 3D-shaped modular centerpad, removable, washable – for a comfortable feel

Individual Centerpad modules (head, back of the head, side head, head and neck) are available in different thicknesses

• Cheek pads removable, washable – for easier cleaning and individual fine adjustment thanks to different upholstery sizes

• Position of the helmet on the head can be changed by up to approx. 4° - By angle adjustment of the head and cheek pads - to improve the field of view

• Chin strap cover removable, washable - for better care



• Multiple ventilation and ventilation - For optimal ventilation

• Six inlets on the forehead and chin - "First time with ventilated cheek pads" - For fresh air supply

• Eight outlets on the side, in the upper head area, at the back of the head and in the neck – To derive the warm, used air/ prevents signs of fatigue



• Unique design of the shell ensures a significant reduction of wind resistance of 10% and a 3% lower buoyancy value compared to the predecessor model X-Spirit II (in-house tested)

• Rear Stabilizer integrated into the shell with interchangeable "Rear Flaps" (the wide version is mounted, optionally a narrow version of the Rear Flap is also available) – the spoilers integrated into the shell reduce turbulence and possible pendulum movements of the helmet by up to 50% - controlled air flow around the entire helmet

• Lower Air spoiler (removable) provides improved aerodynamics in the chin area

• Vortex generators on the visors left & right – contribute for the first time to the reduction of wind resistance and buoyancy



• 14 different visors - in individual shades

-       CWR-1 clear, light get,, heavily tinted, high def yellow o. orange

-       CWR-1 mirrored (silver, blue, gold, rainbow)

-       CWR-1 Photochromic

-       Pinlock EVO CWR-1

-       CWR-F (RACING) clear, lightly thighed, heavily tinted, high def. Yellow

-       Pinlock EVO CWR-F clear

• Tearing foils

• Rear Flap - narrow

• Cheek pads (31, 35, 39, 43mm)

• Head pad modules:

-       Head pads on top (9 or 13mm)

-       Head pads sideways (5, 9, 13mm)

-       Front head pads (5, 9, 13mm)

-       Rear head pads (5, 9, 13mm)

-       Head pad neck (9 , 13mm)

• Airmask 5

• Breathguard breather (included)

• Chin Curtain - Reduces air turbulence in the helmet (included)

• Original SHOEI helmet bag (included)

• Original SHOEI care kit (included)